“The writing is lovely and poetic, at once entertaining and instructive…. timeless, more akin to the old familiar tales we may once have heard told around the campfire. In this case, told in the words of a master storyteller…. I have to give ‘From the Icy Fingers of the Deep’ the full five stars.” 

“Chris Kastle’s stories are well-crafted little stories perfect for a long winter's evening by the fire….There should be more of these little gems.”

"THANK YOU does not begin to express our gratitude to you for the wonderful residency you shared with our students!  We are truly amazed and appreciative of you and your countless talents!”

“Thanks so much for coming and performing for our kids.  Everyone really enjoyed it and I’ll definitely pass your name on to the other media folks in my county."

“I wanted to commend you on the excellent curriculum map! I am so pleased to see multiple standards met in the one residency program. Great work!!!"

“Thank you for being with us, I enjoyed making the puppets; it was awesome!  It was fun learning about oral traditional and different types of instruments.” 

 “The very diverse audience of over 100 kids and adults was captivated by your energetic presentation….Here’s hoping that the winds will steer you in our direction again.”

 “Chris is an enthusiastic, hard-working artist who takes her talents and blends them with the talents of the students. Her work at Garvy School was so amazing. She left a strong impression on the students, teachers and parents. She has already been asked back!”

 “I’ve always loved your music, but I had no idea you told stories so beautifully. Thank you for your performance.” 

“Thank you for being with us this summer! We had rave reviews about your shows and I really appreciate the professionalism, creativity and research you put into all that you do. We are honored that you were with us this year. Please come back.”

“Listening to Chris Kastle’s stories is like settling in around the kitchen table with a favorite aunt”.

“Thanks so much for your presentation at the Environmental Faire at Marineland….Your unique musical presentation was a real plus….We hope you are involved with next year’s as well.”

“I have enjoyed and admired Chris Kastle and her music for a long time. Having seen her perform on stage, in a workshop with a group of children and their parents, live on the radio in my studio, one thing is clear—this is a talented and professional entertainer and educator, who gives so much to her audience, and leaves so much to take away. Her special expertise and knowledge of maritime music and ability as a storyteller, makes her shows and workshops especially interesting and entertaining.”